Mister Meat

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Mr. Meat is a new horror escape room game that will make your hair move! Despite it’s funny graphics and entertaining atmosphere, the action is quite realistic and some moments can really creep you out. If you already played Hello Neighbor, you’ll know what to do. This one is very similar, but with a new concept: you have to rescue an innocent victim locked in the basement. But to do that, you’ll have to get past the killer first. There are only five hours until he catches you, keep that thing in mind! It’s easy to forget that you’re on the clock unraveling puzzles and running away from the insane maniac in Mister Meat game. But it doesn’t matter how well you managed to hide if there is less than a minute left and you’re just half way to your goal!

The gameplay consists of examining the building room after room, opening doors, finding helpful objects. And of course making sure Mr. Meat isn’t aware that you’re inside. That will be hard because you will be making noise from time to time whether you want it or not. In case like that it’s vital to distract the murderer, for instance, by slamming the door or hurling something to another part of the room. Sounds is the first thing he reacts to, so you’ll have a couple of spare seconds to avoid danger. The house is large and has several floors. You don’t know where the victim is kept, so you’ll have to explore every nook and cranny. Pay attention to the slightest details, they may clue you in on your subsequent actions. Games like this are perfect for training your observation skills and learning not to lose your head in critical situation. Clear thinking and quick reflexes are a must to succeed against this crazy killer and find the helpless person he is planning to slaughter in time!