Mr Meat – Evil Nun

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It’s creepy enough to find yourself face to face with one maniac, and now imagine there are two of them! And not just any maniacs – the legendary Mr. Meat and Evil Nun. These murderous pair united their efforts to butcher you. Your only chance is to get away from the gloomy place they locked you at before you feel the cold razor of Mr. Evil’s knife or the steel blade of the Evil Nun’s axe cleaving your scalp…

The house is a web of staircases, corridors and mysterious rooms. Some of them will be lock and you’ll need to find the key first – or any other way to open them. Be careful opening the door – you don’t know what’s waiting for you inside. Perhaps there is a trap that will keep you motionless long enough for the antagonists to discover you. Or maybe you’ll bump right into one of them!

Luckily, there are ways to send them down a wrong trail or even defend yourself if you find a suitable weapon. Anyway, you won’t be able to do it endlessly – your time is limited. You need to make an escape before the clock runs out. So you’ll have to think fast and come up with new and new ways to continue your path and get out of tricky situations. If you lose your head and panic, nothing good awaits you. Keep it together and be ready for action when you’re in danger!

The important condition of succeeding is being extra cautious. You should move quietly and avoid making any sounds. And if any of the killers is near, you need to hide safely and wait for them to go before putting your nose out. Fortunately, they don’t care to conceal their presence – they shout, threaten you and generally create a lot of noise that can alert you. If they still found you, there are just two things left for you to do – run or fight. In case of failure the game will start from scratch. Play Mr. Meat – Evil Nun online and enjoy the double thrill of two popular horror franchises!