Mr. Meat Roblox

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A good horror can’t get boring! It can only get better if you add a few new features. Welcome to a new version of Mr. Meat that includes some extra locations and items and revamps the gameplay to make it even more intriguing and unpredictable in Roblox mode! The point of the game has remained the same: you find yourself in a maniac’s house and need to get out of there together with a victim locked downstairs. But to do that, you’re going to solve quite a number of puzzles first.

The house is designed as a series of escape room challenges. When you enter a room, it’s not just another place that happened to be in your way. Each of the locations inside the building contains necessary objects and clues that will help you cope with your primary task. So don’t leave any detail of the setting without attention. Look around the premises closely, check every possible spot where another answer may be hidden. Note that drawers, shelves and closets often contain keys and useful objects that may come in handy to perform various manipulations. And be careful not to get into a trap!

Your enemy won’t be just sitting back while you snoop all over his home. He will be on the alert, ready to run and capture you if he hears even the slightest sound. So it’s important to do everything quietly. But even if you weren’t very cautious, you still have a chance to survive. You just need to hide somewhere and wait for the danger to pass. However, it’s not guaranteed the maniac won’t check the very place you’re hiding at. You see, he’s not just a randomly acting pile of pixels. He can actually learn from what happened earlier and will expect you to repeat your mistakes. So you need to come up with new solutions every time you’re in peril. Remember that it’s not only your life that is at stake, but also that poor person’s kept somewhere in this spooky building!