Mr. Meat 2

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We enjoy stories about maniacs, but few would wish to appear in the place of their victims. You weren’t very lucky – by pure accident, you ventured into the house of a serial killer. But this coincidence may save an innocent person’s life! Once you entered the door, you heard screams and noises from inside. The murdered surely keeps his next victim in his home and is preparing to do his bloody job! You can become a hero by finding out where the poor girl is kept, freeing her and escaping together. Of course, if the maniac gets to you first… Don’t wait any longer, you don’t have a lot of time! Start your rescue operation right now!

Easier said than done… Getting past all puzzles and traps won’t be that simple. You’ll see a lot of horrible things – spots of blood and leftovers from previous victims. Just walking by them is totally creepy! But you can afford to be distracted by these troubling signs – you have an important task ahead and you must complete it in a limited amount of time. To be precise, you have just five hours. So don’t linger on the same place for too long – it takes away precious minutes and increases the chance of being spotted by the maniac.

Yes, he is inside the building, too. And he keeps a close eye on what’s happening in his house. Or rather ear. Although he obviously can’t see you through walls, he will hear even the slightest noise you make. That’s why you can’t run, jump or drop objects unless it’s absolutely necessary. If that still happened, make no mistake – the killer will be there in a wink of an eye. You have just a few seconds to find a shelter and hide. Dive in the closet or squat behind the sofa. And pray he doesn’t think of checking there! There is good news, though – you can make sounds on purpose to send your pursuer in the wrong direction. While he’s busy looking for a source of it, you can crawl out and tiptoe away from the danger.

But avoiding the mortal threat hanging over you isn’t the whole point of the game. Each room is a mini-riddle you have to solve to proceed further. Until you find a key that unlocks another door or discover a switch that opens a secret passage to a hidden location, you won’t be able to do anything. That will require attentiveness and logical thinking. Just like running a real murder investigation! Play Mr. Meat on our site and see if you can cope with this complicated task and get out of the blood-chilling house together with the girl trapped somewhere inside!