Mr Meat in Real Life

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Classic escape room games are interesting at first, but can get boring once you get used to the gameplay. Why not to add an element of risk? What if you don’t just have to find a way out of the room, but also need to avoid alerting a psycho killer? Now we’re talking! Get a shot at Mr. Meat, a new horror game that challenges you to run away from a creepy house belonging to a serial murderer in just five hours. Sounds like enough time, but the task isn’t trivial. The whole building is a series of puzzle you have to unravel if you hope to make it out from this horrifying place. Roam the building checking every room, look for keys and secret passages and make sure you have a back route in case the maniac is on to you! Avoid making noise – that will attract your opponent’s attention. And surely don’t get into his sight line! You have an edge on him until he finds out about your presence. He may even walk past you in his own business without knowing you’re just an inch away. But if you’re not careful, he will open a real hunt. You won’t be able to feel safe anywhere until you see the open sky again! Use your logic skills, find ways to outsmart the killer and leave his house unharmed playing Mr. Meat online!