Mr Meat in Minecraft

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Those willing to tickle their nerves with a realistic, thrilling and emotionally intense horror experience should definitely try Mr. Meat! Step up against a crazy maniac who holds an innocent girl locked in his grim house. It won’t be long before he cuts her to pieces with his terrible tools. Five hours – that’s the time you’ve got to enter his liar and save the victim.

Finding where he keeps her will be challenging on its own in game Mr Meat in Minecraft. However, the real danger of this quest is avoiding being murdered yourself. The maniac is somewhere in the house and he can learn about your plan any minute. Needless to say what he will do if that happens… So your task is to do everything maximally carefully, without giving away your presence.

The psychopath has a sharp ear and can hear you move. On one hand, that complicates the gameplay. But on the other, it gives you a possibility to use this to your advantage. You can create distracting sounds and baffle the killer. For instance, if you throw an item, he will run to the noise and you’ll have a few spare seconds to sneak behind his back. This simple trick can really save your life!

The whole house is a labyrinth of puzzle. To explore its entire territory, you’ll have to rack your brains and find a way to get to locked sections or pass to another floor. Carefully look around – there are clues only a very attentive player will notice. Dig in the drawers and pick up items to see if there is anything lying under them. Painstakingly checking every inch of the room is the only way to find the hidden key or secret passage and save the girl just a second away from the fatal ending. Remember, your time is limited, so you also need to do everything fast, without getting stuck in one room for too long. Enjoy this amazing horror online and perform your mission before the maniac catches you!