Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room

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Maniacs are all around us! Some of them might even live next door. That’s what happened to the hero of our game. For a long time, he considered his neighbor to be just a sociopathic freak. But once he heard screams from his house. He ventured you and saw a terrible picture: the floor and walls were stained with blood, there were blood-covered tools scattered all over the place and everything pointed to the fact that you actually live side by side with a serial killer! What are you going to do? Will you run from this horrible place as fast as you can? No, this is a coward’s choice! You’d rather stay and investigate. After all, it’s just a matter of time before Mr. Meat lays his evil hands on you! And, besides, you can’t leave an innocent person locked somewhere in the building to die. So you clench your teeth and step inside to do everything in your power to stop the butcher…

This mission is not an easy one. The house is huge and you need to explore every hall, every room. There are so many doors and you never know what you are going to find behind another one. Maybe there is a trap waiting for you over the porch, so pick your step carefully. You also shouldn’t make a lot of noise – the psycho has big ears and will definitely hear you. And then there is nothing to save you! Unless you find a place to hide first or distract his attention, for instance, by throwing a bottle down the stairs.

By the way, there are plenty of objects to interact with. Some of them are useless and are there just to baffle you. Others can be used to pick locks, cut wires and perform a number of other manipulations. Since you can’t know in advance whether you’re going to need a certain item or not, you should remember the location of all objects you discover so that you can come back for them. To use the item, just click or tap on it and then click or tap on the fragment of the screen you want to apply it to. The controls are generally convenient and intuitive, so you shouldn’t have trouble figuring how to move around the building and do all other actions. More importantly, you need to discover where Mr. Meat keeps the girl in no longer than five hours. Otherwise he’ll catch you and add you to his collection of dead bodies! Will you be able to survive in this frightening house and change the ending of this grim story? Let’s find out!