Mr. Meat Horror

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If you’ve been searching for a creepy game about a maniac killer and psychopath, congratulations, you just found it! This game will make you shudder in terror and close your eyes in the critical moment. Are you ready to get your weekly dose of adrenaline in just a few minutes? Then let’s begin a thrilling trial for your nervous system and survival skills!

The story is typical for a horror: there is a mad killer on the loose who kidnaps and tortures people. This time it’s a young girl who was naive enough to fall for his tricks. Mr. Meat snatched and hid her in his sinister house. Your mission is to explore the building and find the poor victim before the most horrible thing happens. But keep in mind that once you step over the blood-stained porch, you also become the target for this highly aggressive and dangerous person. He won’t give you any remorse because it’s not in his interest to leave witnesses. Besides, he gets two victims instead of one – what can be better for a maniac? And he doesn’t even have to stalk and kidnap you for that. You go into his hands on your own, quite willingly and all he has to do is swish a bate or chainsaw when you’re driven into the corner. Don’t let the situation get to this!

While investigating the maniac’s liar, you should be as quiet and careful as possible. He shouldn’t even get aware of your presence. At first, it seems that the house is completely desolate, but the killer is in here, hiding and listening to everything that happens on his territory. One single squick of the floor board – and he’ll know someone is on to him. Walk over the house on tiptoes, search for keys and means of self-defense without alerting the murderer, open locked doors and discover secret passages and stairways. The girl is here, in one of this rooms! You have just five hours to accomplish the task. Otherwise it will be too late, both for the girl and you… Remember one thing: if the maniac heard you and is already close, don’t wait for him to deal with you, run for a hiding! If you are cautious and attentive, you have a chance to do this challenging job. Play Mr. Meat online and prove that you can outsmart even the most cunning and dangerous of maniacs!