Mr Meat 1.6.2

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Horror games can be different. Some of them are scary as hell making you jump up and shriek when some terrible creature appears out of nowhere. Others are based on some bloody story, but actually make you laugh rather than creep you out. And there are those that combine both. Mr. Meat is just like that. Of course it is a test for your nerves and you can get a hefty shock when the maniac catches you off guard. But there is nothing really frightening about it. The graphics is a bit cartoonish as if telling you: relax, it’s not for real. And sometimes it’s rather funny to watch the antagonist snoop around the room in search of you cursing and throwing things. However, if you’re not cautious enough, giggling won’t save you – you’ll end up in the basement, slaughtered and shred into pieces with a butcher’s knife…

How to avoid an ending like that? Don’t get caught! But it will require a lot of vigilance. You need to get out of the maniac’s house in five hours and the clock is already ticking. And not alone – you need to save the victim that will be killed if you don’t speed up. But you need to find that person first. Explore the building from the front door to the backyard and look for clues that can tell you what to do next. Each room contains puzzles for you to solve. How to open this locked drawer? Perhaps there is a key under the vase? Or maybe you can use some of the items in the room to pick the lock? While you’re at it, you accidentally push the bookshelf and it moves opening a hidden panel. You press the button and see that it opens access to a secret staircase leading downwards in Mr Meat 1.6.2. Lucky you!

But wait, the noise attracted the killer! You can hear footsteps approaching. What are you going to do? If he finds you here, you’re dead! Quickly hide in the closet. And sit there quietly, without making a move. Then maybe he’ll go away and you’ll be able to continue. If it’s too late and you didn’t make it anywhere, grab a random object and throw it in the opposite direction. The maniac will run there and you’ll be saved! But it’s no time to relax, there are many more traps and riddles waiting for you. Five hours are almost out, so hurry up to get to the victim before Mr. Meat and escape his gloomy home!