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Imagine that you decided to pay a friendly visit to your new neighbor and get to know him a little better. You knocked at the door and it appeared to be open, so you came in. But what you saw there made your blood freeze in your veins. It looks like a crime scene! There is a huge knife with red stains lying on the floor, the walls are sprinkled with blood and mud. What happened here? You hear someone shouting behind a closed door. Did someone hurt your neighbor? Maybe he needs your help? You hurry to the sound, but suddenly you see your neighbor ahead. That means he’s not the victim, he’s the killer! You are frantically looking for a place to hide.

Good thing, he didn’t notice you. There is some freaky tool in his hand and he obviously isn’t going to use it for chopping veggies for his salad… The screams repeat. This poor man is still alive! Will you try and rescue him? What a heroic thing to do! But remember who you are dealing with… Your insane neighbor is no fool, he knows that his little hobby is, mildly put, illegal. And he has prepared for unwanted guests.

The front door is now locked and you won’t be able to get out until you search the entire house and find the very room where the victim is suffering. But of course it’s not anywhere near. You have to pass trough a long series of corridors and hidden exits, check a countless number of closets and drawers and hide from the maniac whenever you’re in his reach. Mr. Meat guarantees you a thrilling and entertaining time and a lot of creepy moments!